Chapter 1: Party Crashing

At the imperial party Merla was discovered by Hjulnar and Percival. They “made friends” with a very large gnoll named Ganac’isha.

Merla is getting advice from a small voice behind her ear.

Hjulnar got very happy on bakga tea and proceeded to make himself “popular” at the party.

Silverhand invited Merla, Percy, and Hjulnar to a breakfast meeting and upgraded their digs to the Gilded Snipe.

Merla found out that the stuffed gnolls were Ganac’isha’s children. When she showed Ganac’isha the pearl, the gnoll picked her up and they went to Percy’s room.

For a while the party spoke in Percy’s room. Then a shadow passed by the window. A maid then showed up with a kettle of water and Percy’s laundry. When they let her into the room, she turned into a dragon. Hjulnar noticed that the black dragon had the silhouette of a silver dragon.

Merla did manage a strike to the dragon’s face and Hjulnar cut off the tip of its tail. But the group was overmatched and they ran. Percy dragged Ganac’isha out of the room. In the common room of the inn everyone was dead.

They fled to the Garrison where Lt. Carla sent everyone to the Cleric to get patched up. She sent a squad of soldiers to investigate.

150 xp each



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